About Us

Trecarne House was built by us in 1998 as a family home, but some tragic family circumstances in 1999 changed our situation. As I always say, problems don’t come in ones & twos, they tend to come in an avalanche. So as a result of this Trecarne House became a B&B.


Tom & I are at another stage in our lives now & want to travel, especially to our holiday home in France.

So ……

Rather than let Trecarne House languish empty & silent, we decided to make it available for people to come & stay and enjoy it with their family & friends, just as we have with ours – it’s such a delightful place. We will still offer B&B, when the whole house is not booked.


Whether you are a B&B guest or booking the whole house or apartment we want to ensure your stay is a great success – that is our main priority.

So as the owners of Trecarne House, we value your feedback and comments about your experience & anything we can do to improve your stay.

We would really value knowing how your experience was when visiting our website, using online booking, staying in the house and getting out’n’about. We can only make things better if you tell us & it would be very helpful for us & future guests. We look forward to welcoming you to Trecarne House & showing you that Staying with us in Cornwall – is where special memories are made.’